PLC Solution

1. Application

Remote lighting control of street lights, façade lighting, Tunnel, parking lot with power cabinet.

2. Main Feature

  • Power line communication, point-to-point transmission distance is up to 500m, the total distance after automatic relay by the lamp controllers is no more than 2km.
  • Up to 2000 lamp controllers can be managed by a concentrator.
  • The lamp controller can control lighting fixtures such as sodium lamp, LED lamp and ceramic metal halide lamp with power up to 400W.
  • It supports two dimming modes: PWM and 0-10V reverse mode can be configured.
  • PLC solution uses the original power cable for signal transmission, no need to install signal lines.
  • Remote real time control and scheduled lighting by group or individual lamp, remote control on the power circuit.
  • Alarm on the power supply of the cabinet and lamp parameters.


  • PLC Dual Lamp Controller Box Type

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  • PLC Lamp Controller NEMA

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  • PLC Concentrator

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  • PLC Lamp Controller Box Type

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