City Digitalization needs the stand-alone infrastructures to be connected, recorded and monitored in a central command center with big data collecting and processing, IoT and cloud computing technology. FondaCity is a smart city platform based on streetlight and scalable to other public infrastructures, which has a wide coverage overall the city.

1. City Infrastructure Management

The profile of every infrastructure from manufacture to retirement, including product basic information, installation and maintenance history, current status and alarm history will be recorded in the database. The isolated devices will be connected to one central management system, and every information could be traced and analyzed to make the city smarter, more efficient and sustainable.

2. Data Collecting

Collects data from smart devices attached in existing and new infrastructures, and transmit to central platform via wired communications including Ethernet and RS485, and via wireless communications including Zigbee, LoraWan, NB-IoT, RF Mesh, GSM and LTE. The real-time data will be visualized and displayed in a central command center to provide valuable information for decision making, quick response on the events, and prevention for potential risk or fault.

3. Remote Control

The actionable smart devices could be remotely controlled in real-time or operated by preset schedule.  The tasks based on time, calendar, sensors could be executed in individual level or in group. Besides street lights tasks, it also has audio, video, text format task for LED display and broadcasting speaker.

4. Proactive Maintenance

The alarms on city infrastructure like power supply abnormal, device malfunction, communication lost, theft, customized notification and alerts sent to desktop, mobile device enable decision makers and city workers to pre-plan for regular inspection and handle the failure in the first time. With tickets handling and prioritizing management, path plan for inspection and maintenance truck, it will reduce labor and truck roll costs, improve maintenance efficiency significantly.

5. Easy Integration

Smart city has various divisions like smart security, energy, healthcare, mobility, water, waste and so on, which means there are lots of subsystems in a city. The key to the be a smart city is the integrated data from the previously isolated systems. With tickets handling, prioritizing management, path plan for inspection and maintenance truck, it will reduce labor and truck roll costs, improving maintenance efficiency significantly.

6. System Security

FondaCity platform adopted event recording and tracking, password protection, multi-level user management, redundant, dual-machine and remote backup, to make it have strong fault tolerance and system recovery capabilities for stable operation in long-term. A variety of protective measures have been designed for network security to prevent the system from malicious attacks with a high degree of security and confidentiality. Strict access authentication is performed on the equipment and users that access the system to ensure the security and stability of access.